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Do you want to put your philanthropy at the service of high-impact humanitarian actions? Do you want to achieve your social responsibility goals? Discover the solutions offered by MAGNA to join our fight for access to healthcare for everyone at home and around the world.


Together with us, you will involve your company in improving access to healthcare worldwide. By building a partnership with MAGNA based on trust, efficiency and transparency, you will increase the impact of your business.

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Together, let’s define a partner project that corresponds to your commitment wishes: the supported MAGNA program, your company’s commitment format and related rewards. MAGNA will keep you informed and reporting on the impact of your support.

Here are some of our current priorities.

Earthquake in Syria

In the space of a single day, thousands of Syrians once again found themselves homeless. 250,000 people were newly displaced by the earthquakes in the northern provinces of Idlib and Aleppo.

Cambodia fight with HIV/AIDS

The return of infections might be the result of a lacklustre attitude because precautions for HIV/AIDS from spreading in the community have largely faded from the public mind.

Lebanon crisis

Parents are sending their children to orphanages because they cannot feed them. Shortages of drinking water have contributed to disease outbreaks, including the first cholera cases for decades.

Afghanistan poverty

Mothers are so malnourished they can’t produce milk for their children. A dysfunctional health system, poverty and restrictions placed on women are at the heart of the current humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan,

Other ways to get involved

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