Syria earthquake: we are sending 20 tons of medical supplies and food

22. 02. 2023

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A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake has struck southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria, killing 45,000 people and injuring thousands so far, causing extensive damage to various cities in both countries.

How does MAGNA help earthquake victims?

We are sending 20 tons of humanitarian aid, medicine, blankets and food for 70 thousand people to the places. The aid goes mainly to northern Syria. At the same time, we are preparing mobile health clinics in northern Syria to reach children and families affected by the earthquake.

MAGNA is one of the very few organizations that sends humanitarian aid to northern Syria.

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The situation regarding the rescue work is slowly coming to an end, and for us in the field, this means that the phase begins to take care of the survivors, children and their families who have lost their homes, access to health care and a sense of security. The situation in Syria is exactly what worries us the most at the moment, and we are making every effort to ensure that aid goes there as well.
Christian Reynders, MAGNA operational coordinator for Syria

The little girl Hayat is from Aleppo. Her parents fled to neighboring Turkey before the war in Syria. After the devastating earthquake, they lost everything and live in the IBC detention center in Kilis. There are also hundreds of thousands of children who survived the earthquake. Hayat is one of them.


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