DR Congo

DR Congo: response to violence in Kwamouth, emergency medical assistance to victims

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MAGNA in DR Congo has strengthened its health teams and is currently operating mobile health teams in the Kwamouth area, rebuilding health infrastructure and providing free secondary care and births. All this as a response to the humanitarian disaster that occurred after the conflict between two groups of the local population, Yaka and Tete, and according to the estimates of our teams on the ground, claimed up to 9 thousand victims and left 40 thousand people homeless. The situation is extremely difficult, the area is isolated, the only access to it is via the Congo River.

Mothers who survived violence with their children hid for several weeks in the forests out of fear, without access to food and basic needs. This situation increased the already alarming state of child malnutrition in the area, it often happened that children died of hunger, those who survived are in a severe state of malnutrition and need urgent help and treatment.
Nathaniel de Sevigny, head of the MAGNA mission in DR Congo
Martin Bandzak, executive director MAGNA from Kwamouth (slovak)
DR CONGO. Kwamouth. Copyright Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

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Why does MAGNA intervene in DR Congo?

The second largest country in Africa is the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which is also rich in natural resources. However, Congo suffers from a long-lasting conflict.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has endured decades of multiple overlapping crises and severe limitations in medical capacity, extreme violence and frequent outbreaks of far-reaching disease. The humanitarian situation in the Congo affects millions of people. Political instability, fighting between the military and rebels, ongoing violence, insufficient resources, repeated Ebola outbreaks all contribute to one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.


  • Malnutrition
  • Sexual violence
  • Infectious diseases


The first MAGNA intervention in the country.

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