Kenya: emergency nutrition support in Msambweni

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The southeastern region of Msambweni, near the border with Tanzania, is a somewhat forgotten region with many people without access to health care.

The extreme drought in the country, which saw famine in certain areas of the country, led MAGNA teams to respond and open 3 nutrition centers and distribute therapeutic food to children and women. A stabilization center has been established at Msmabweni District Hospital for the most severe cases.

Malnutrition is a disease. It mainly affects children under the age of five and their mothers. Men also suffer, but they are not at such a risk. We strive to prevent child malnutrition and, if it occurs, treat it immediately and effectively. We use long-term experience with food distribution, monitoring these distributions and contributing to alternative nutrition programs.
Martin Bandžák, MAGNA Executive and Operations Director
KENYA. Msambweni. Copyright Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

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Why does MAGNA intervene in Kenya?

Kenya is waging its long-term battle with HIV/AIDS, millions of people are infected. The country has also been plagued by inter-ethnic violence following disputed elections in 2007, and its northern part is subject to extreme drought and its residents regularly face food shortages.


  • Health of mother and child
  • Malnutrition
  • Infectious diseases


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